... is the music producer pseudonym of the German author, theater & film maker, film score & music composer Sebastian Ugovsky (also sometimes credited as Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugowski) with notable stages of work in Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles and New York. His music is traceable in Hollywood feature films, outstanding international record artist releases and a vary of third party Urban records and compilations. His work as a film maker can be assigned to the film d'auteur while his work as a composer, music producer and even as a singer & songwriter has been often referred to as Jazz, Alternative, Downbeat and Funk/Souljazz music.

But this is just a look in the middle of the whole story. By rewinding back to the first music note on stage we can hear, we see a 4 year old young boy holding his violin in his little hands, propping his glasses up like Harry Potter. But it actually all began - as usual - with his birth. His mom, an actress, his father, an actor and theater director. His first interests: Paintings, classical music, his parents on stage and the side wings of this old massive theater and how it smells. Later he will not play with other kids in his age (4-10) on the yard, but will love to rehearse several instruments, will start writing, painting, composing short music peaces on piano. His mom realizes that this boy is different.

Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugovsky is certified with perfect pitch (absolute hearing) and a multi-instrumentalist. While being known for international successful rhythm orientated Downbeat music of any kind, he traditionally also writes classical works for orchestra and film score. His works as an author are driven by philosophical subjects and span over novels, essays, screenplays, theater plays, poetry and provoking street art.

He is one of the few hidden but impressive multi-talents behind outstanding music projects with worldwide success but without being in the spotlight or part of the main stream. Even Hollywood film producers like Steven Spielberg are using music composed, mixed, produced and conducted by Gilmano in worldwide Blockbuster feature films. Check out this excerpt of records listed by record resellers in this online library (Discogs).

While being influenced by Funk, Blues, Souljazz, Latinjazz, Downtempo, Break Beat and by the Afroamerican Funk & Rythmjazz era from the late 1960's and the early 1970's for his popular music works, his ability to compose, arrange and conduct large-scale classical peaces and to record them with orchestras for his film scores, emerged from his classical music education and early performances as a classical pianist. His whole biography is full of surprising and sudden breaks between theater stagings, writing (drama, novel, essays), film shootings, photography, documentary, supporting music bands, orchestral work, leading multimedia companies, building recording and mixing studios, teaching actors and singers and much more.

In 2000 Gilmano has turned the spotlight on the Canadian award-winning female rapper Tara Chase by helping her entering the UK Top40 with his ambiguous Breakbeat Discofunk Retro-Trash remake production of Genesis' "Follow You Follow Me" old time classic. With personal permission of Mr. Phil Collins himself. An early but very special tune created by Gilmano, but sadly later remixed by the record company to turn it from an Old School Downtempo Funk tune into a cheesy pop tune, without Gilmano's first authorization. He accepted to leave it that way to not affect the team spirit. But in spite of that, the song has out-competed famous artists like Madonna, Timberlake or Missy Elliot in the UK The Box Charts in the next year by climbing up to No. 3 in a week, mainly reasoned by the life performance of Gilmano and Tara Chase in the biggest TV show of Great Britain these days "The Lottery Show".

Some years before, a Jazzy Funk-Remix of "It Takes Two" - newly performed by a group called Spike - was climbing up the European club-charts mainly driven to success by its rare and untypical remix sound at that early period of how music usually sound. This remix was made by Gilmano using elements from the 1970's disco funk era (credited as "Sonny's side of the street", which was a tribute to the dance school mentioned in the music film "Tapdance" and refering to his Nick name friends used for him these days).

In 2011, the executive producer Steven Spielberg and his film production partners choose the song "Disko Malaria" produced by Gilmano and performed by the Russian Rap artist Seryoga for one the most funny scenes in their Blockbuster feature film production "Transformers III - Dark of the Moon" (World rank No. 6 of commercially most successful films), when a fight between old Russian astronauts and the protagonists of the film became picky. Years before, near 2006, Gilmano won a bet where he annouced to be able to turn Russian rap decent and socially acceptable in Europe and US, which was believed to be impossible back in the days. He finally managed to make the Russian/Ukrainian MC called "Seryoga" being recognized all around the world by producing, composing, arranging, recording and conceptualizing 3 discrete longplay records for the artist Seryoga and 2 underground records for the same artist, who used another pseudonym for this records (c./o. Ayvengo), all together attended with many positive press reviews mentioning Gilmano as an extraordinary sound talent, who's helping artists to get recognized by creating "quality shrouded in mystery". Six Top10- and three Nr.1-Hits later, including the mentioned song "Disco Malaria", nobody seems to have problems no more with the imagination of Russian rap in this US domain called Hip Hop. Later on, another US Blockbuster feature film "The Equalizer" starring Denzel Washington and Cloe Grace Moretz has followed and has used another song composed, arranged, produced and mixed by Gilmano called "2 Kaiser", performed by Seryoga and the German Rap artist AZAD.

About 100s of music projects have profited from the work of Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugovsky, secretly or officially, including orchestral compositions & film scores, popular music hits in US TOP100, UK TOP40, EUROPE TOP10, GUS TOP10 AND MTV AWARDS without even envision himself pre-eminently as a music artist in any way.

Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugovsky is the founder of the Berlin based record label and music production company REQQORD music (formerly known as SLO' JAM, from 2003-2013), which is/was a place for several Urban underground artists in Berlin Germany in this time period and has been reformed to REQQORD music in 2013. Like his film production office MAURSEGLER film, REQQORD is part of the Buero in futherance of the art works of Sebastian Ugovsky production offices, managing all his stage drama, film and massive amount of music projects.