... is an talented outstanding rap artist outside of any gangster or ghetto scene, who has improved that rap can be more than just battle or counter rap. He can be considered as a conscious rap artist with influences based on traditions in old school and partly in slam poetry. He is extraordinary and underwhelmed and cares more about his life and his future than about being an artist, which make it very easy to feel comftable with him joining the studio in the record cabinet.

Karin Ugowski

... is a German film and stage actress, voice actress, narrator, film producer and furtherer of art and culture in Germany with various stations of work in UK, France, Italy, Israel, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, US and Germany.


... is a Belarusian rapper who already gained a lot of fame in Eastern Europe and who wanted to get started in the western music market by sending his manager to the "secret wappen" in Germany: "Gilmano". Who has gained the reputation of the Europena "Pharrel" in these days...


... ist ein in den fremdenfeindlichsten Blocks von Berlin (Marzahn/Hellersdorf) aufgewachsener Halbafrikaner mit dem etwas unpassenden typisch deutschen Nachnamen Seidler, der heute als Rapper die Worte seinem Nachnamen gerecht wie Seide um die Ohren webt, lebt das Leben eines Rappers und Sprayers in den Straßen von Berlin, als würde es darum gehen, eine Drehbuchvorlage für einen Old School Film zu schreiben. Da bedarf es keiner ausgedachten Promo-Geschichten.